Our Gym is equipped with every piece of equipment you need for a comprehensive workout.

You can work at your own pace or if you prefer you can book a session with our on site personal trainer Jacqui.

Jacqui will work with you to create an imaginative and challenging exercise programme. They will guide you through every exercise ensuring that you are working at the right intensity for you whilst keeping you motivated and focused on your goals.

The programme will gradually progress over time to ensure you are continually moving towards your goal.

In addition to your bespoke exercise programme, you will also receive advice and tips on healthy eating to suit your lifestyle.

To book a session with Jacqui please contact her directly.

Gym Equipment

We have a range of machines including :-

Cross trainers
Arc trainers
Concept Rowing machines
Exercise bikes
Weight benches
Smiths Machine
Cable Crossover
Leg Press & Leg Extension
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull Down
Power Plate
Free weights, Exercise mats and fitness balls.

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