Returning Surfers

Once you’ve ridden our FlowRider, it’s hard to resist coming back for another go! If you’re in need of a repeat fix on the waves, then our returning surfer packages are ideal.

Designed to last one hour, our further development sessions are perfect for returning surfers really looking to hone and enhance their skills.

Importantly, the amount of riders allowed on the FlowRider at any one time during these sessions is 6. This means you’ll get more tailored coaching and enjoy more room to surf.

Each returning surfer session includes:

  • One hour on the FlowRider with a maximum of 6 other occupants - This gives you more room to practice your skills than you’d get in a general FlowRider session.
  • Full equipment, including board and wetsuit – When you arrive, all the equipment you’ll need to enjoy the experience will be on-hand to use.
  • A pre-session briefing – This is essential to ensure that you get the maximum value from your returning surfer session.
  • Dedicated coaching - Enhance your surfing skills with dedicated coaching time, with a focus on improving your stand-up and pro-riding ability.
  • Free video downloads – You can re-live your surfing experience after you’ve been with our free video downloads. The videos are great for studying your progress and learning how you can make further improvements. 

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Book this 1 hour session on the FlowRider to enjoy more wave time, as well as dedicated coaching from our expert instructors. Limited to 6 riders. Full equipment is included. 


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Walk-up cards are our best value way to ride. A walk-up card gives the rider 5 sessions for a single price of £50! Yes - only £10 per session!

Walk-up gives you the chance to fill empty spaces on any session (Peak or offpeak!) however the only limitation is there is no advanced booking.

To use a walk-up session you need to attend site and check in at reception in the 30 minutes before a session.

Walk-up slots are on a first come first served basis.

Friday Flow is our regular rider jam session. From 8pm to 10pm on each Friday.

To attend Friday Flow you just need to turn up and use a Walk-up card session for each hour you want to stay.

Friday Flow is a great social meet where you can mingle with other riders - learn from each other and generally have a great time with like minded people.

*To be able to attend these sessions you need to be able to carve across the wave, move up and down the wave confidently and be able to enter the ride unassisted

If you have any questions regarding the above please speak to a member of the team

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