AFF Student Training

Starting you AFF with us is certain to get you off on the right path. Jumping from a plane for the first time gives you enough to think about, let alone the worry of being stable during your flight.

To remove that issue for you, we are offering you :-

  • Your first 10 minutes with us at an incredibly low price.
    After all - starting skydiving is expensive enough
  • We will download the video of your flights for free onto your own memory stick so you can show them to your AFF instructor before your next jump

10 Minutes of instructor coached airtime this is the perfect way to get started.


(Off Peak)


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How real is the tunnel compared to the sky?

Very real. Skydivers use the tunnel to train due to the near identical skills you can learn. Stability during your skydive is vital and you will learn this without pressure in the tunnel.

Are your instructors AFF qualified or skydivers?

Most of our staff are skydivers. They have all been trained in how to teach key AFF skills and they are ALL awesome flyers. They are respected globally for their skills - just ask your AFF coach!

Do I wear a skydiving rig in the tunnel?

This is recommended greatly to enhance your skills ready for your skydives. We have a dummy rig which weighs and feels identical to a first rig. It has a pull handle so we can practice those important drills just like you would in the sky

Does tunnel time count towards AFF or my skydiving licence?

No, however in the same way you take driving lessons it will certainly help you pass your test! Nearly ALL skydivers use the tunnel to enhance their skills. You will be hard pushed to find people at the dropzone that dont.

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