Come and try our exciting new activity... Archery!

Prove your marksmanship skills by trying out in one of the UK's fastest growing sports.

We have a 12m indoor archery bay with floating targets for you to try your hand at more historic shooting skills.

Archery has seen a dramatic surge in interest since the blockbuster heroine Katniss Everdeen, who, just in case you've been living under a rock these past few years or don't have teenage children, sports a bow and arrow as her weapon of choice in the "The Hunger Games" book and movie series. Everyone wants to, either be, or be with a charater from the trilogy!

There's absolutely no denying that archery is just plain cool. Whether you're a fantasy series fanatic or a history buff, archery appeals to all generations and has been one of the most popular weapons for the best part of the the past tens of thousands of years.

Check out more information about the professional sport of archery here.

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A 30 minute archery session with a briefing and instructor  supervision.


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You are ready to take on your experience if:

  • You are over 10 years of age.
  • You are able to understand and follow basic safety instructions.
  • You have no alcohol in your blood.

Special caution should be taken with:

  • Back problems/disc problems.
  • Dislocated shoulders in the past.
  • Osteoporosis or similar bone illnesses.
  • You are unable to lift and draw a bow.
  • You feel you are unable to handle a weapon for any reason.

If you are concerned about any of the above statements or need to let a member of staff know something it is important that you do this before booking. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

  • There are 4 choices of range, 1 for archery and 3 shooting lanes.
  • The 3 shooting lanes are designed to be used with air powered rifles or pistols. they are a Carnival style lane, Instant LED target Speed range and a 12m variable distance target range.
  • The archery range is only designed to be used with a suitable specification bow and arrow.
  • There are 3 designated shooter positions per lane (all lanes)
  • Lane one has been created in a carnival style with knock down and moving targets for the most amount of fun and visual entertainment. It's the perfect range for the younger ones in your group.
  • Lane two has been designed for pistols with speed as well as accuracy in mind. Go head to head with your opponents by firing on instant light up LED targets in a battle to acrew the most points. The speed range uses the most up to date scoring system which keeps track of your scores as you accumulate your own points and, if you're quick enough, the chance to claim your friends points too!
  • Lane 3 is our specially designed 12m archery range with floating targets and 3 shooter positions, complete with quiver stations.
  • Lane 4 is our 12m precision firing range. With variable distance targets, which can be operated by an electronic switch, you can send your personal target away to several points on the wire or bring it home to check out how you did and change your paper target. To be used with either pistols or rifles.
  • Each package comes complete with your weapon or bow hire, a standard amount of ammunition or arrows, basic targets and an instrcutor to guide you through your session.
  • A variety of weapons upgrades can be purchased at the beginning of your session or extra time, gun hire and ammunition can be purchased at the end so that you can continue to get your eye in.

How long before my session do I need to arrive

  • Customers need to arrive on site 15 minutes before their session for check in, safety briefings and orientation time. Failure to do this may result in you missing your session.

Do I need a licence?

  • No you do not need a licence to experience archery. We can show you the basic and give you hints and tips on how to become an expert archer in no time.

What is the minimum age that you have to be to take part?

  • The minimum age for archery and shooting is 10 years old.

Is there a minimum height or weight for taking part in an archery experience?

  • No but all participants must be able to handle and draw a bow.

How many people can take part at the same time?

  • Three people are able to shoot at the same time. This means you are able to compete with up to two other people at once. Our standard sessions are 30 minutes and have a maximum of 6 people per session. Larger groups booking private hire can take turns to go head to head with one another throughout the session and collect scores at the end.

I have a bad back, shoulder or neck, should I do archery?

  • The bows require a certain amount of strength and mobility in order to be able to draw the bowstring back effectively. You will also experience some tension followed by the rapid loss of that tension when you release the arrow. If you have a mild back or neck problem that wouldn't be effected by this, then as long as you are aware of the risks, we would be happy to allow you to take part.
  • However if you are in any doubt we would advise you talk to your doctor for further advice before making your booking.

Can I get injured?

  • If you do not release the arrow properly then you may experience some friction burns to your arm and fingers. We do provide you with arm protection and finger tabs to prevent this from happening. We also provide goggles to all lanegoers to protect against stray projectiles.
  • A safetly briefing and instructor supervision throughout the session is designed to give every person on the range the necessary knowledge to prevent an incident happening.

What equipment do we need?

  • Twinwoods supplies the equipment you need to do archery. There is no separate charge or hire fee for these unless you have chosen to privately hire* a lane without instruction. All you need to bring is your gift voucher or booking confirmation and comfortable clothing.

Is there a viewing gallery/area?

  • Spectators are welcome to sit and watch the archers. Inside the range there is a small seating area. All spectators must also watch the safetly briefing if they are to enter the range.

Can I bring my own equipment?

  • Twinwoods supplies the equipment you need to do archery as part of a session. But you can chose to privately hire a lane and are welcome to bring along your own equipment provided it meets with our approval. You can purchase extra ammunition and CO2 cartridges from our shop but we cannot guarantee the gauges we carry in stock are correct for your own gun.

Can I hire eqipment?

  • Yes you can hire a bow and arrows for a small fee from our shop for use on the range you have privately hired.

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