D6 60mins meet:1645


Price: £150.00
Date: 26/01/2020
Time: 1730-2000
Spaces Available: 0
Sold Out

About the Camp

1645 meet
1700 brief starts
1730-1830 30mins
30mins break
1900-2000 30mins

Reserved for
Sonia Holland
Lizzie Attwood
Laura Marsh

First 30mins is peak time. Second 30mins is off peak time.

About Brian Cumming

Bodyflight Bedford is a BIG tunnel. We're on a mission to use as much of it as possible.

Rule #1: Keep moving. Don't be static.
Rule #2: Keep moving. Don't hold hands.
Rule #3: Minimal prep. Do enough to know what needs doing but no more.
Rule #4: Smile.

Dynamic 6way FS is all about the flow. Everything flows, static elements are reduced as much as possible. Vertical transitions are more common than buses. Movements are big and everyone knows bigger is better, right?

We don't need extensive dirt diving, we don't care about precision and angles, we just want to keep moving. Symmetry is not essential but does make for a pretty video.

Weaves, washing machines, shuffles, clock verts, infacing, outfacing, rainbows, goldfish bowls and the esoteric DoDuDo amongst others will become your language of choice.

Come join the movement.