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Freefly Coach

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Alexandra Dand

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Ally Milne

Learn to fly any way up with World Record Holder and National Champion Ally Milne.

Ally can use his experience as a full time AFF Instructor to teach you from pre AFF Course practice to FS1 progression and beyond. Struggling with AFF levels? or repeating? then get in touch. He also teaches AFF instructors how to pass the BPA course!

Learning to Freefly at any stage of progression is made easier with tunnel training, and you will be getting taught by someone who has represented Team GB at international level. Whether you just want to try something new, looking to start a VFS team or get in big way records, look no further.

Ally is a specialist in putting tunnel skills in the air and Load Organises at events all over Europe.

More more up to date information on tunnel camps, coaching evenings or boogies check out his Facebook page 'Ally Milne Tunnel Coaching And Load Organising'.

Amber Forte

Dynamic/Freestyle Coach

Becs and Vic Tunnel Jams

We are both AFF and tunnel instructors, FS and canopy handling coaches; we are also identical twins!

We have been jumping for nearly 11 years and have over 2000 jumps each. We're passionate about skydiving, instructing and coaching.

At our tunnel jams we do everything we can to ensure you get the most from your session - this essentially means we make it FUN! Our students tell us that they learn much more quickly in a relaxed environment.

So come and see what it's all about.

Brian Cumming

Bodyflight Bedford is a BIG tunnel. We're on a mission to use as much of it as possible.

Rule #1: Keep moving. Don't be static.
Rule #2: Keep moving. Don't hold hands.
Rule #3: Minimal prep. Do enough to know what needs doing but no more.
Rule #4: Smile.

Dynamic 6way FS is all about the flow. Everything flows, static elements are reduced as much as possible. Vertical transitions are more common than buses. Movements are big and everyone knows bigger is better, right?

We don't need extensive dirt diving, we don't care about precision and angles, we just want to keep moving. Symmetry is not essential but does make for a pretty video.

Weaves, washing machines, shuffles, clock verts, infacing, outfacing, rainbows, goldfish bowls and the esoteric DoDuDo amongst others will become your language of choice.

Come join the movement.

Chris Judd

BPA AFF instructor and FS coach

Chris Shaw

Hello and thanks for looking at my page. I hope the following gives you and idea of who I am and what I do.

With over 4000 jumps, I have been on World, National and State record skydives, and I have been coaching FS at Twinwoods/Bodyflight since it opened (prior to that I coached at the tunnel in Paris).
Passionate about helping individuals and teams develop to their full potential, I coach FS skydivers with a wide range of experience, from beginners, through AFF (I qualified as a UK and USA FS Coach and AFF instructor 10 years ago) to teams going to National and International competitions.

Whether coaching individuals or 4 way teams (Rookie to AAA), my goal is to have a positive fun approach to learning and I design specific coaching programmes for each client, recognizing everyone has a unique learning style, even when coaching a team. The tunnel at Bodyflight Bedford is huge so I make sure my coaching plans make the best use of this world-class facility and that my clients get the absolute most from their tunnel time.

If you would like to discuss how I can put your unique coaching programme together around your time and requirements, or if you have any questions, please call or text or check out my web page at

Edward Karam


James Topham

Just got my A-licence and looking at getting some FS1 practice in!

James Woods


Karl Rogers TI Examiner

Tunnel Instructor Courses
A Class
A+ Class
B Class

Tunnel coaching from complete beginner to advanced free fly and dynamic

Kate lindsley

FS1, FS and 4 way Coach.

Member of 4mula (AAA British silver medalist and 5th in the world cup 2015)

Member of Fly like a girl (Bronze in the world indoor championships in 2015 - female)

Mikey Lovemore

Mikey is one of the Altitude Brothers bringing a full package of fun and progression to your airflow. Whether you want it at 15k ft warm and dry, Indoors at night, fast, slow or at an angle we've got the best airflow for you.

Speedskydiving Competitor and Coach.
Tunnel and Sky events organiser.
BPA Speed Skydiving Rep
IPC Speed Committee
ISSA Board member and UK Rep
2015 BPA Skydiver of the Year
RAeC Silver Medal
World Cup and European Championship silver medallist
World Air Games Bronze medal
ISSA World Series Winner

Ronan Whelan


Steve Hamilton

Pro 4-way coach

Please feel free to contact me with any of your flat flying or FS questions.

Steve Howes

2015, 2016 & 2017 British National Freefly Champion.

- Freefly coaching for all levels, FF1, FF2, dynamic, static, low speed, high speed, belly, back, head up & head down.
- FS progression towards FS1
- AFF prep.

- TI Class A, A+, B Instructor.
- IBA Level 4 Tunnel Instructor.
- IBA Level 4 Tunnel Coach
- BPA AFF Instructor.
- BPA Coach (Freefly, Formation, Tracking, Canopy Piloting)

Tom Worboys

Name: Tom Worboys

Experience: 3 years as instructor and flyer
Tunnel Instructor 'Trainer' rated
Competitor in 2 way and 4 way dynamic
(the Dynamos)
Bronze medalist WindGames (2016)

I coach predominantly FreeFly from beginner to advanced but also do 'one on one' belly coaching.

Twinwoods Adventure events

Events all running at Twinwoods Adventure