UK Nationals 2019

The official British Nationals.

The best of Britian battle it out to see who will get selected to represent in the World class competitions.

With the World challenge running side by side the atmosphere is not to be missed.

If you enter into the World challenge the results can be used for this competition. You just have to inform British indoor skydiving association you wish to do this.

6th April

Welcome meeting, Comeptition day and prize giving.

£160 to enter - 4 rounds all in a day.

General information

Accomodation and transfers can all be booked through us.

Onsite resturant and bar.

Saturday there will be a Hog roast, band and DJ will be on throughout the night.

A full information pack coming soon.

4 way FS -World Challenge AAA (Auto registered into British Nationals)

VFS - Rules

2 Way Dynamic - (Intermediate divepool, Speed rounds only)

4 Way Dynamic (Intermediate divepool, Speed rounds only)(Intermediate divepool) -


All discplines will have a junior catergory (under 17)