World Challenge 2019

The 2019 Bodyflight World Challenge with prizes to be won will take place on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of April with practice rounds on Thursday the 5th from 6pm onwards.

On Sunday the 7th of April we are pleased to announce that there will be a one day 8-way competition open to all teams to enter.

The entry fee is £400 per team and you can register for the 4-way below or the 8-way right here. (Please note the entry fee is non-refundable)

We will be running the British Nationals also side by side for the other discplines VFS, Freestyle and Dynamic.

Click here to find more details about the British Nationals

Click here for the information pack


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Twinwoods Adventure presents:

Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge 2019

All rules for the World Challenge tie in with FAI rules.


4-way Open FS – AAA, AA, A & Rookie Categories

Information, Rules & Technical Conditions

  1.           Venue:                         Twinwoods Adventure, Building 36, Twinwoods Business Park, Thurleigh Road, Milton    Ernest, Bedfordshire MK44 1FD

                                               This competition is hosted by Bodyflight Ltd trading as Twinwoods Adventure. (Hereafter referred to as Twinwoods Adventure or ‘the Hosts’.)

 2.         Category:                    Formation Skydiving (FS)         4-way Open


Five Categories:          AAA – 8 Rounds for all teams with additional semi final & final for top teams (At Meet Directors discretion)

                                    AAA Female – 8 Rounds for all teams with additional semi final & final for top teams (At Meet Directors discretion)

                                    AA – 10 Rounds incl.  Semi Final & Final

                                    A – 10 Rounds incl. Semi Final & Final

                                    Rookie  – 10 Rounds incl. Semi Final & Final

                       3.         Competition Dates:     Friday 5th and Saturday 6th April 2019 (Training times will be scheduled from                                     18:00 on Thursday the 5th of April.  See 9.2)

                       4.          Schedule:                    The competition will run over two days with the awards ceremony and party taking place on the Saturday evening. Practice and speed setting rounds will take place on Thursday the 5th of April from 18:00 onwards.

 5.         Competition Prizes:      The prizes will be announced in the competitors packs.


There will not be a Prize Fund for the Female AAA, AA, A or Rookie categories, however there may be some sponsored prizes available.

6         Eligibility

6.1        All members of teams should be experienced tunnel flyers.

6.2        All members of teams who are new to Bodyflight Bedford (Trading as Twinwoods Adventure) must have been fully briefed, and have flown in the Bodyflight Bedford tunnel before the start of the competition.

6.3        Team members may be of any nationality.

6.4        Team members may be of any gender in the open categories.

6.5        One alternate per team may be nominated before the competition starts.

6.6        An individual may be a member of only one team per category, even if this is as an alternate.
            An individual can take part in a Guest team in addition to a competing team, however Guest
            teams are flown after competing teams in each category. Guest teams do not rank.

 7         How to Apply

7.1        Due to health and safety requirements (in terms of maximum building capacity), numbers of teams are limited. Attendance at the competition is therefore by application only.

7.2        The maximum number of teams is 100 (divided amongst all categories and disciplines).

7.3        Application forms should be completed by the team captain and sent to Twinwoods Adventure via the competition website:

 8             Fees

8.1        Entry fees must be paid at the time of application via the online payment form. Payment can be taken on Credit or debit card.

8.2        The entry fee is £400 per team.

8.3        The entry fee is not refundable unless the competition is cancelled by the hosts Adventure.

8.4        In the event of the competition being cancelled by the hosts the entry fee is the only refund that will be available. No compensation will be awarded to cover travel and/or accommodation expenses incurred by teams.

 9         Training Flights/Practice Time

9.1        Training flights may only take place prior to the start of the competition. Three minutes per team will be allocated. This is included in the entry fee.

9.2        Training time slots will take place on the afternoon of Thursday the 5th of April from 18:00 onwards.

9.3        Additional Training time is available prior to the competition weekend at additional cost on a first come first served basis, extended opening hours will be in operation to allow teams the maximum opportunity to train.

9.4        Twinwoods Adventure cannot be held responsible for teams who are unable to book training time prior to the competition.

 10        Equipment

10.1      Each individual is responsible for supplying their own suitable clothing and footwear.

10.2      Flight suits, helmets, goggles, elbow & knee pads and ear plugs may be supplied upon request on arrival, subject to availability.

10.3      Various items of kit may be available to buy from the Bodyflight Shop.

10.4      Elbow and knee pads are not essential although advisable. A limited number are available to be borrowed from Bodyflight.

10.5      White gloves must be worn in the FS competition. White gloves will be available to buy on the day.

10.6      Competitors own weight Belts must be worn inside flight suits or Suitable taping and securing checked by Bodyflight staff on each day of competition.

 11        Competition Officials

11.1      The competitors will be notified of the attending officials during the Competitors’ Briefing.

 12        Catering

12.1      There is a Restaurant on site, which will be selling breakfast, lunch items and refreshments.. 

12.2      Alcohol is not permitted to those who are flying until the end of each flying day.

12.3      Competitors are not permitted to bring their own alcohol onsite. People seen to be breaking this rule will be asked to leave, and the team will be disqualified form the competition.



 13        Entertainment

13.1      After the awards ceremony on Saturday evening there will be a hog roast,band and DJ playing for a great party.

 14        Video

14.1      All flight sessions will be recorded using the ‘Intime’ scoring system.

14.2      Rounds are recorded and judged from the overhead propeller camera.

14.3      Copies of flight sessions may be available at an extra cost after the competition has ended.

14.4      No camera or video equipment is allowed in the flight chamber or flight chamber waiting area             unless Twinwoods Adventure have given written consent.

14.5      All entrants will by entering the competition, be deemed to have agreed to be filmed and the resultant images shall be owned exclusively by Bodyflight Ltd, its agents or assigns.

 15        General Rules

15.1      All participants accept these rules as binding by registering for the Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge. No departure from these rules is permitted. For anything not specified in these rules competitors should refer to FAI rules.

15.2      Where an unforeseen change is felt necessary to ensure the smooth running of the competition, a meeting will be held between Chief Judge, Meet Director and competitors.

15.3      The AAA competitions (Both Open and Female) will consist of 8 Rounds. Bodyflight Ltd then reserves the right to only allow the top scoring teams to progress into rounds 9 and 10. The number of teams going into Round 9 and 10 will be at the discretion of the Meet director, however it is intended that this should be the top scoring 50% of each competition (or eight teams) as a minimum.

15.4      The team shall consist of four competitors including the team captain. One alternate may be nominated.

15.5      Competitors may only be members of one team per category including alternates. AAA Open and AAA female will be using the same draw and so competitors cannot compete in both categories.

15.5.1  An individual can take part in a Guest team in addition to a competing team, however Guest
teams are flown after competing teams in each category. Guest teams do not rank.

15.6      Each team shall be allocated 35 seconds of working time per round, starting at entry through the doorway.

15.7      Twinwoods Adventure reserves the right to amend or cancel the competition, rules and/or the prizes at their discretion. In the event of the competition being cancelled the hosts will not be liable for competitors travel costs.

15.8      There is only one doorway leading into the flight chamber. This is used for both entries and exits. See section 22 for launch procedures.

15.9      This information was correct at the time of going to print but may be subject to change.

 16        Objective of FS Event

16.1      The objective is for a team to complete as many scoring formations as possible within the working time, while correctly following the sequence for the round.

16.2      The accumulated total of all rounds completed is used to determine the final placing of teams.


 17        Performance Requirement of Sequential Events

17.1      Each round consists of a sequence of formations described in the dive pools. Teams may continue scoring by continually repeating the sequence.

17.2      It is the responsibility of the team to clearly present the correct scoring formations inters and total separations to the camera (and judges).

17.3      Scoring formations need not be perfectly symmetrical, but they must be performed in a controlled manner. Mirror images of random formations and whole block sequences are permitted.

17.4      In sequences, total separation is required between block sequences, between random formations, and between block sequences and random formations.

17.5      Where degrees of turn are shown, (180°, 270°, 360°, 540°), this indicates the approximate degrees of turn required to complete the inter as intended. The sub-group(s) must continue turning in the direction of the arrow until it is possible for the sub-group(s) to link together to complete the next designated scoring formation. The degrees shown are approximately that amount of the circumference of the sub-group’s centre-point to be presented to the other sub-group(s) centre point(s).

17.6      Contact is allowed between different subgroups during the inter of a block sequence.

17.7      Where sub-groups are shown, they must remain intact as a sub-group with only the depicted grips on other jumpers in that subgroup.

17.8      Assisting handholds on other bodies in a scoring formation are not permitted.

17.9      Handholds by the flyer on their own body within a subgroup or a scoring formation are permitted.

17.10    It is the competitors’ responsibility to stay in view of the cameras.

 18        Definitions of Words & Phrases Used in these Rules

18.1      Formation: consists of flyers linked by grips.

18.2      Grip: consists of a handhold on an arm or leg. As a minimum, a grip requires stationary contact of the hand on an arm or leg, as shown in diagram 19.2.

18.3      Body: consists of the entire competitor and their equipment.

18.4      Dive Pool: consists of the Random Formations and Block Sequences depicted in the annexes of these rules.

18.5      Subgroup: is the individual flyer, or linked flyers, required to complete a designated manoeuvre during the inter of a block sequence.

18.6      A subgroup’s centre point: is one of the following:

-           The defined grip or the geometric centre of the defined grips within a subgroup within linked flyers.

-           The geometric centre of an individual’s torso.

18.7      Total Separation: is when all competitors show at one point in time they have released all their grips and no part of their arms have contact with another body.

18.8      Inter: is an intermediate requirement within a block sequence which must be performed as depicted in the dive pools.

18.9      Sequence: is a series of random formations and block sequences which are designated to be performed on a flight.

18.10    Scoring formation: is a formation which is correctly completed and clearly presented either as a random formation or within a block sequence as depicted in the dive pool, and which, apart from the first formation after exit, must be preceded by a correctly completed and clearly presented total separation or inter, as appropriate.

18.11    Infringement: is one of the following:

-           An incorrect or incomplete formation which is followed within working time by either:

-           a total separation or,

-           An inter, whether correct or not.

-           A correctly completed formation preceded by an incorrect inter or incorrect total separation.

-           A formation, inter, or total separation not clearly presented.

18.12    Omission is one of the following:

-           A formation or inter missing from the drawn sequence

-           No clear intent to build the correct formation or inter is seen but another formation or inter is presented and there is an advantage to the team resulting from the substitution.


18.13    Working Time: is the period of time during which teams are scored on a flight which starts the first moment any competitor enters a flight chamber doorway.

 19        Definitions of Symbols

19.1      Coding in the Dive Pool is as follows:


19.1.1  Indicates direction of turn by the  subgroup:

19.1.2  Indicates turn by the subgroup in either direction:

19.1.3  Indicates turns by all subgroups:

19.1.4  Indicates clarification of intent:

19.1.5  Any side-body link-up requires an arm grip and a leg grip on the same person.










19.2      Visualisation for grip positions











 20        The Draw

20.1      The draw of the sequences on the morning of the start of the competition will be performed by the judges and/or InTime and will be supervised by the Meet Director.

20.2      For the Professional Open and Female Category’s (AAA) all 16 random formations and all 22 blocks will be used for the draw.

            All the "Blocks" (numerically numbered) and the "Random Formations" (alphabetically marked) shown in Addendum A will be used to create the draw.  The draw will be made by random selection of the correct number of randoms and blocks. This draw will determine the sequences to be jumped in each round.  Each round will be drawn so as to consist of five or six scoring formations, whichever number is reached first.


20.3      For the AA Category all of the 16 Random formations will be used with the following 16 Blocks for the draw:

Blocks:  1,2,4,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,15,18,19,20,21,22


Each round will be drawn as per the Professional Category so as to consist of four or five scoring formations, whichever number is reached first.


20.4      For the A Category all of the 16 Random formations will be used with the following 8 Blocks for             the draw:

            Blocks: 2,4,6,7,8,9,19,21


20.5      The Rookie category will also be drawn using the Randoms dive pool only.

20.6      It is the responsibility of the team to clearly present the correct scoring formations, inters and total separations to the judges.

20.7      Use of Dive Pool: Each block or formation will be drawn only once for the scheduled rounds of each competition. In the event that additional rounds are necessary, due to a tie-breaking fly-off, the dive pool for these additional rounds will consist of the blocks and formations which were not drawn for the scheduled rounds. In the event that all of the remaining blocks and formations are drawn without completing the required number of scoring formations for a round, the draw will continue from an entire original dive pool in that event, excluding any blocks or formations which have already been drawn for that round.

20.8      Bodyflight will determine the flight running order for the event prior to the draw.

 21       Launch Procedure

21.1      The timer will start the moment the first competitor enters the tunnel and is considered to be flying. Entry is defined as: A foot on the net and/or supported by the wind. Competitors are allowed to be inside the tunnel/partially inside provided they are supported at the door and no contact with the net is initiated.  Deliberate use of the net could result in disqualification for that particular round. Should a competitor touch the net accidentally the timer will start.

21.2      Each team is allocated flying time to get 35 seconds of judgeable time , with the blue light flashing when time is up.

 22        Scoring Sequential Rounds

22.1      A team will score one point for each visually judgeable, correctly completed, scoring formation performed in the sequence within the allotted Working Time of each round. Teams may continue scoring by continually repeating the sequence.

22.2      In the case of an omitted formation three points will be deducted for each omission. The point will also not be awarded resulting effectively in a 4 point penalty. If an infringement in the scoring formation of a block sequence is carried into the inter, this will be considered as one infringement only, provided that the intent of the inter requirements for the next formation is demonstrated and no other infringement occurs in the inter.

22.3      The minimum score for any round is zero points.

 23        Re-flights & appeal

23.1      Re-flights will only take place at the Meet Directors discretion.

23.2      In the event of a team disputing a judging decision, an appeal may be lodged though the FS coordinator. An appeal fee of £25 will be payable for each appeal raised, regardless of the outcome.

23.3      Appeals must be received within two hours of the round scores being released. Appeals received after this time will not be allowed.

23.4      The chief judge and meet director will decide if a round is eligible to be re-judged. The team must specify which point or points and/or points in time they want re-judged.

23.5      Re-Judged rounds will be performed by a panel of two Event Judges and the Chief Judge

23.6      The re-judged round decision will be final regardless of points scored being more or less then the initial judgment.

23.7      Decisions made at the judge’s discretion cannot be appealed.

23.8      A maximum of three appeals per team is allowed in the event.

23.9      An appeal will be re-judged as if the first time.

 24        Semi-Finals, Finals (Professional only) & Place Ties (Both Categories)

24.1      Semi-Finals: The ninth round shall be the Semi-Final Round, consisting of the top 50% of the teams, rounded up to a whole number (or a minimum of eight teams). This is at the Meet Directors discretion.

24.2      Finals: The tenth round shall be the Final Round, consisting of the top 50% of the teams in the Semi-Final Round (or a minimum of four teams), rounded up to a whole number. This shall be at the Meet Directors discretion.

24.3      Place Ties:In the event of a tie a fly-off will take place at the Chief Judge’s discretion. If a fly-off is not possible, the team with the highest score in any round will take the higher placing. If all scores are tied, the team with the highest last round score will win working back towards round 1. If a winner cannot be determined still, the fastest team to the last scoring formation in the last complete round will win.



For example









Team X










Team Y









            Team X’s highest score is higher than Team Y’s.

 25        Judging

25.1      A minimum of three judges must evaluate each team’s performance.

25.2      The Chief Judge is responsible for all judging and scoring.

25.3      The judges will use an electronic scoring system (InTime) to record the evaluation of performance. The chronometer will be operated by the judges or by a person(s) appointed by the Chief Judge. The judges may correct their evaluation record after the flight has been judged. Corrections to the evaluation record can only be made before the Chief Judge signs the score sheet. At the end of working time, freeze frame of the image will be applied on each viewing, based on the timing taken from the first viewing only.

25.4      A majority of Judges must agree in the evaluation in order to;

- credit the scoring formation, or

- assign an omission or Infringement, or

- determine an NV situation.

25.5      The judges will watch the video evidence of each flight as many times as required to determine an accurate score.

25.6      The judges will watch the video evidence of each jump once at normal speed to determine points in time. The moment of freeze frame at the end of working time will be determined at the first viewing. All flights that have more than 30 points in time will be watched a minimum of two times with no maximum viewing applying.

25.7      At the discretion of the Event Judge subsequent viewing of the entire flight or parts thereof can be conducted at reduced speed – speed to be determined by the Event Judge.

25.10    In the event of the InTime system failing the judges will use a scoresheet and manually score the rounds.

25.11    If the Judges use a score sheet to record their evaluation, they will operate their own chronometer and they will use the signs below. In this case the score sheets of all judges must be collected immediately after the judges have scored the flight for evaluation by the scoring section. The results of the evaluation will be checked by at least one judge.


Correct scoring formation........................................................... /.

Infringement..................................................................................... 0.

Omission........................................................................................... X.

NV situation.............................................................................. NV.

End of Working Time................................................................... //.





 26        Determination of the Champion Team

26.1      The title of 2019 Bodyflight World Challenge Champion Team will be awarded to the team with the highest scores in the completed AAA category rounds.

26.2      The title of 2019 Bodyflight World Challenge Female Champion team will be awarded to the team with the highest scores in the completed AAA Female category rounds.

26.3      The title of 2019 Bodyflight AA World Challenge Champion Team will be awarded to the team with the highest scores in the completed AA category rounds.

26.4      The title of 2019 Bodyflight A World Challenge Champion Team will be awarded to the team with the highest scores in the completed A category rounds.

26.5      The title of 2019 Bodyflight Rookie World Challenge Champion Team will be awarded to the team with the highest scores in the completed Rookie rounds.

26.6      Awards will be presented to the top three scoring teams in all categories.

Following on from the Bodyflight World Challenge, on Sunday the 7th of April Twinwoods Adventure will be holding a one day 8-way FS competition.

This is open for teams of all levels so why not stay in Bedford for an extra day of flying fun!

Click HERE for information and to register.




8 Way FS




  1. Event Organisers
  2. Aims of the competition
  3. Date and information
  4. Prizes
  5. Information
  6. Entry: Fees and registration
  7. Rules and regulations for the competition
  8. Location of competition
  9. Travel, transportation and accommodation information
  10. Judging and Scoring Equipment
  11. Medical and emergency detials
  12. Bulletin 2 



                                        EVENT ORGANISERS



Twinwoods Adventure

Twinwoods Business Park

Milton Ernest


MK44 1FD                     


Tele:01234 816350


Meet Director                        Adam Mattacola

Event organiser                     
Adam Mattacola



All queries please write to




• To determine the winners in: 

  • Indoor FS: 10 rounds 4-Way AAA, 4-Way AA, 4-Way A.
  • Indoor Artistic Events (UK Nationals) 4 Rounds: Freestyle, 2way Dynamic, 4way Dynamic, VFS, and FS AAA. (AAA is automatically entered  into nationals when entered into the World Challenge)
  • Select teams from the results to represent UK in World First class events.


3. Date and information for the competition



4th April 2019

Registration and Speed Settings.

5th April 2019

World Challenge -Competition Day 1 starts 08:00am*

6th April 2019

World Challenge day 2 and UK nationals day 1  - Competition Day Starts 08:00am*

7th April 2019

8 way competition day 1

*Exact competition schedule will be published closer to the event



Prizes to be won during the competition


Onsite restaurant during the competition serving fast food breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Party night will be a Hog roast, Band and a DJ throughout the night.



Entry fees must be paid at the time of final application submission through an online payment form by credit/debit card.

Payment to register for the World Challenge and UK Nationals must be done through the website



Entry Fee

4way FS (10 rounds)


4way AAA


4way AA


4way A




VFS UK nationals (4 rounds)


2 Way Dynamic UK nationals (4 rounds)


4 Way Dynamic UK nationals (4 rounds)


Freestlye UK nationals (4 rounds)




All rules and regulations can be found on our website. They are tie in with FAI rules.









MK44 1FD


TEL:01234 816350






London Luton


London Heathrow

London Gatwick



The nearest airport to Twinwoods Adventure is Luton Airport. Airlines flying to Luton include Easyjet and Ryanair; both of which can be very reasonably priced.



Taxi: Stands are located at the front of the terminal building and are easily accessible (costs £40-£55).

Rail: Trains to Bedford leave Luton Airport Parkway frequently and cost around £10-£20. For both Rail and bus/coach you will need to catch the airport's shuttle bus first. Trains also run from London Gatwick straight to Bedford and London Heathrow you will need to get to St Pancras via London underground to get to Bedford Train station.



  • Leave the M1 at junction 19 then follow signs to Felixstowe, Kettering onto the A14
  • Leave the A14 at junction 10 (signposted Kettering, Bedford)
  • Continue on the A6 towards Bedford for approximately 14 miles
  • At the Sharnbrook roundabout take the first exit onto Thurleigh Road (Signposted Thurleigh)
  • Follow Thurleigh road for approximately 2 miles. You will go past Thurleigh Business Park and past the turn for Thurleigh itself.
  • Turn left into Twinwoods Business Park and go through the security gates. (There is a large yellow sign at the entrance to Twinwoods Business Park, keep an eye out for it.)
  • Twinwoods Adventure (AKA Bodyflight Ltd) are located at the tall grey tower (wind tunnel) you can see up ahead. The car park is at the rear of the building.





  • Leave the M1 at junction 13, and follow the A421 (signposted Bedford)
  • Continue to follow the A421 towards Bedford for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Take the exit onto the A428 towards Kettering, Northampton and Bromham.
  • Continue on the A428 through four roundabouts.
  • At the fifth roundabout turn right onto the A4280.
  • At the next roundabout turn left onto the Great Ouse Way.
  • Continue on the Great Ouse Way through two roundabouts.
  • At the third roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the dual carriageway A6.
  • Continue on the A6 until you get to the village of Milton Ernest. (Beware there are speed cameras on this road)
  • When you see the Queens Head pub on your left turn right onto Thurleigh road.
  • Follow this road, out of the village, for approximately half a mile
  • Turn right into Twinwoods Business Park. (There is a large yellow sign at the entrance to Twinwoods Business Park, keep an eye out for it.)
  • Twinwoods (AKA Bodyflight Ltd) are located at the tall grey tower (wind tunnel) you can see up ahead. The car park is at the rear.


There is a train station and a bus station in Bedford. For details on train and bus schedules contact National Rail for train enquires on +44 (0)3457 48 49 50 or online and for bus enquiries contact Traveline +44 (0)871 200 22 33 or online.

Onward journeys from the train and bus stations are available by local taxi.




Accommodation and transfers can be booked through us where there will be free transport in the morning and evening to and from the hotel.

Please contact the event organiser to reserve your slot or for more details.






The competitors will be notified of the attending officials during the Competitors’ Briefing.

Scoring Equipment being used is Intime for the FS and VFS events.

Judges will be using FAI rules.




Waiver forms to be filled out on arrival at Twinwoods Adventure. A paramedic onsite at all times during the competition. Emergency Services can be reached by dialling 999.




12. Information pack

This will be released mid March 2019


Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact