Bodyflight is an extreme sports centre. A number of activities are available on site including: Indoor skydiving, Indoor surfing, Vertigo a 35m Powerfan descender jump, Simulated driving experience, climbing and health club. Which includes a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and gym. Some of these activities will not be suitable for everyone. For example Powerfan descender jump requires participants to climb a series of ladders; whilst it is recommended that people with bad backs do not take part in the indoor skydiving; that said, where ever possible, we will try to accommodate all visitors and can make special arrangements if possible.

Before You Arrive

  • Enquiries and bookings can be made through the website, by telephone or e-mail.
  • There is currently no public transport available directly to the site.
  • The distance to the village of Milton Ernest, and the nearest bus stop, is approximately 1 mile.
  • Taxis can be ordered from reception and are available at a small discount to Bodyflight customers.
  • There is wheelchair access on site with ramps and a lift as well as disabled toilet facilities.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There is car parking available on site. This is free of charge and is right outside the main entrance at the rear of the building.
  • The car park is tarmac and the path leading to the main entrance is paved and sloped with no kerb or steps.
  • The path is not covered but is wide and free from obstructions with a handrail on the slope to assist access.
  • The path is well lit, as is the car park.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area

  • The main entrance is situated at the rear of the building and is accessible from the car park.
  • The main entrance leads directly into the porch area. This is a wide-open area with room to manoeuvre a wheelchair.
  • The porch leads into the main stairwell and lift area where all visitors can proceed to the appropriate floor for their activity. The doors aren’t automatic but can be left open.
  • The reception desks are approximately 4 ft high, but the receptionist can walk around.
  • A pen and pad is available on request.
  • The reception area is well lit and there is no loud music playing.
  • The reception’s opening times are 08:00 to 21:00
  • The floor is level throughout the ground floor of the facility.
  • Guide dogs are welcome on site but there is no provision for them. Owners are advised to bring their own water bowls etc.
  • A lift is available from the ground floor to all facilities other than the gym. There is no disabled access to the gym.
  • A disabled toilet and baby-changing facilities are available on the ground floor.

Attractions (Displays, Exhibits, Rides etc.)

  • The opening times for all attractions are varied so please refer to each attraction’s page to gain specific details.
  • If in any doubt about your suitability to take part in any of the activities available on site customers should contact a member of staff to discuss their requirements.
  • Some health and height restrictions apply to the various activities on site. Please check with a member of staff.

Additional Information

  • In the event of a fire the staff will supervise evacuation of the facility.
  • Fire alarms are audio only except in the Flowhouse bar and grill where there are also red strobe lights.
  • There is always a first aid trained staff member on site during opening hours.
  • Guide dogs are welcome on site but must be looked after by their owners at all times.
  • Children are also welcome on site but must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The wind tunnel is noisy and therefore there is always some background noise of varying degrees around the building.
  • Access to the site is via the entrance on Thurleigh road only.
  • Emergency number: 0845 200 2960
  • Local carers: None available
  • Local equipment hire companies: None available
  • Local public transport numbers: Unknown
  • Local accessible taxi numbers: 01234 364 444

Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors

• The lift can comfortably carry up to 10 people at a time. The doors are manually operated. Children must be supervised when using the lift.

• The areas accessed by the lift are: ground floor, 1st floor - indoor surfing, restaurant and bar. 2nd floor – Golf simulator, 3rd floor - indoor skydiving and outside terrace.

• The stairwell which also serves these floors is well lit and has handrails throughout.

• The floor on every level is either concrete or hardwood with no unevenness.

• Lighting throughout the building is adequate. Natural light in is supplemented by fluorescent lighting.

• All doors throughout the building are fire doors with the exception of number of glass doors. These are located at: the entrance to the hydrotherapy pool and changing areas, on the 3rd floor by the instructor’s reception area and on the 3rd floor leading out to the outside terrace.

• Baby-changing facilities are available on the ground floor.

• Disabled toilets are available on every floor.

• Black and white directional signage is situated on every floor.

Public Areas - Sitting Room, Lounges, Lobbies

• The 1st floor has the restaurant and bar as well as the indoor surfing attraction and climbing wall. There is a large seating area and all furniture is lightweight and transportable allowing easy access for wheel chairs.

• The counter where food and beverages can be ordered has a lowered section where wheelchair users can have easy access.

• Any disabled users wishing to try the indoor surfing attraction should contact a member of staff to discuss their options.

• The 3rd floor has a comfortable reception area with sofas and beanbags. A TV screen has a live feed to the flight chamber so customers can watch people flying in real time if they are unable to access the viewing gallery.

• The archway leading through to the flight chamber and viewing gallery is very narrow and many wheelchairs cannot fit through. Assistance may be given by a member of staff if required.

• The viewing gallery has large windows at standing height where spectators can watch. The gallery windowsills are approximately 4.5 ft high. High stools are provided as seating.

• The outside terrace is also accessed from the 3rd floor. There are two steps leading out to the terrace, one in the doorway and the other on the wooden terrace itself.

• Cigarette stub bins are situated on the terrace.

Public W.Cs

• Disabled access toilets are situated on every floor of the building, these are unisex. A dedicated disabled toilet with baby-changing facilities is also located on the ground floor.

• All disabled access toilets have red emergency pull cords fitted so a member of staff can be summoned in an emergency. Reset buttons are also situated next to every pull cord.

• Support rails are situated in every disabled access toilet.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Grill area, Take Away & Cafe

• Special dietary requirements (e.g. nut or gluten free) can be catered for if advance notice is given.

• A table service is available on request.

• Lighting is adequate throughout the building.

• A picnic area is also available outside at the front of the building. This is on the grassy area and as such the ground may be uneven.


• The shop is on the 3rd floor and sells clothing, souvenirs and skydiving equipment. This is also well lit and assistance is available if required.

Outdoor Facilities

• At the back of the building there is a picnic area.

• The restaurant and bar area has a music license and can host parties with music on request.

• The area has hard, level flooring with no steps or barriers.

• There is a disabled toilet on the same floor.

Leisure Facilities

• The leisure centre consists of the gymnasium and the hydrotherapy pool. Please note that both these areas are unsupervised and are used entirely at the user’s own risk.

• The gymnasium does not have any disabled access facilities and is accessed by a stairwell only.

• The hydrotherapy pool does not have a lift or specialist disabled access.

• Any disabled persons wishing to use the pool are welcome to do so, however it is advised that they are accompanied by a carer as the pool is an unsupervised.

• The changing rooms have floor level showers with steps, which are wide enough for a wheel chair to access.

• A disabled toilet with baby changing facilities is also available.
Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas
• There are a number of rooms on site ranging from single and double rooms to four bed team rooms.

• Some of the rooms are en-suite, those that are not share bathroom facilities.

• Some of the rooms are large enough to accommodate wheelchair users. Please ask a member of staff.

• None of the rooms have handrails or emergency pull cords.

• The shower facilities in the accommodation corridor are unsuitable for wheelchair users; however, the shower facilities in the changing leisure centre are only a short distance away on the same floor.

• Tours of the facilities may be available before booking - please contact a member of staff to arrange this.
Bathroom, Shower Room & W.C [En-suite or Shared]

• The bathroom facilitates in the accommodation are not suitable for wheelchair users as there isn’t adequate space to manoeuvre.

• The bathroom and shower facilities in the leisure centre are only a short distance away and are on the same floor.
Indoor Skydiving
• The minimum age for participants is 5 years old.

• It is advised that people with back problems, a history of dislocated shoulders or recent injuries should not fly.

• We have flown people with a number of disabilities including: paraplegics, wheel chair users, blindness, deafness, mental disabilities etc. Please contact a member of Bodyflight staff to discuss your requirements.

• The archway leading though to both the flight chamber and viewing gallery is very narrow and most wheelchairs will not fit through. If wheelchair users are able to walk a short distance or do not object to being carried a short distance then they are still able to fly.
Indoor Surfing
• The minimum age for participants is 5 years old. The minimum height for bodyboarding is 107cm / 42 inches. The minimum height for Flowboarding is 137 cm / 52 inches.

• Users must be able to stand unassisted and must be comfortable in fast moving shallow water.
Vertigo - Powerfan Descender Jump
• Users must be able to climb a series of ladders. It is advised that users with back or shoulder problems do not take part.