Take the plunge!

At 125ft high Bodyflight Vertigo is one of the tallest Power Fan descenders in the UK.

An amazing adrenaline rush, adults and children alike can experience the thrill of leaping from a building and plunging to the ground just like a BASE Jumper but in complete safety.

Vertigo is a 30 metre simulated BASE jump from the top of the Bodyflight tower. You are placed in a full body harness attached to a Power Fan decender and leap from the top of the tower experiencing freefall before you gently touch down on the landing platform below.

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Dont dare do it alone? Bring a friend for moral support.


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Do you dare take the plunge? Leap off the top of the Bodyflight tower on our Powerfan decender.


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You are ready to take on our vertigo jump experience if:

  • You are ready to be challenged and to have fun.
  • You are active and participate in sports from time to time and feel physically fit.
  • You are not under any medical supervision at present and your mobility is not restricted
  • You weigh less than 18.5 stone.
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • You are not Pregnant
  • You can land unassisted from a jump of 1 meter

You are unable to Jump if you have:

  • dislocated a shoulder injuries
  • Freshly stitched wounds.
  • If you are unable to fit into one of our harnesses you will be unable to climb or jump.

You should seek medical advice if you have:

  • Back, neck or disc problems 
  • Osteoporosis or a similar bone illness.
  • Heart problems.

If you are concerned about any of the above statements, or need to let a member of staff know something, it is important that you do this before booking.

Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

  • The tower lift will take you to the highest internal floor (The wind tunnel's motor room) which is located directly above the flight chamber.
  • From this point you will be always be attached to a safety line until you land.
  • You will then ascend a set of ladders from where you will emerge outside through a roof hatch on the top of the wind tunnel.
  • You will then have to traverse around a catwalk before climbing down another set of ladders to the platform below.
  • The POWERFAN descender rope will be attached to your harness and then you just jump!
  • The POWERFAN has no motor of any description!
  • It works by dissipating the potential energy created by a falling person by means of a fan.
  • This enables users to repeatedly make a very rapid descent whilst ensuring a relatively gentle landing.
  • It is 100% environmentally friendly.

How long before my session do I need to arrive?

  • Customers need to arrive on site 15 minutes before their session in order to check in, get changed and view a safety briefing. Failure to do so may result in you missing your session.

What is the minimum age that you have to be to jump?

  • The minimum age for jumping is 5 years old. We will not force anyone to take part in the activity but will do everything we can to ensure all participants feel confident and at ease.

  • If the person jumping is under 18 an adult must be present when the jump takes place. The adult does not have to jump. The adult still has to pay if they want to jump.

Is there a maximum weight for taking part in a jump experience?

  • All participants must weigh less than 18.5 stones and be able to fit into one of our harnesses.

What equipment do I need?

  • Twinwoods supplies the harness, helmet and climbing equipment required for your activity.

What do I need to wear?

  • As the activity takes place outside, you will need to wear flexible and comfortable clothing which is suitable for the time of year. You will also need to wear trainers or sturdy closed toe shoes with a grippy sole.

What if I don't jump?

  • Unfortunately jumps are non-refundable. If you dont jump then the instructor will just bring you back down in the lift.

  • You will have 3 attempts to jump in which the instructor will count down for you if needed.

What if the weather is bad?

  • Vertigo can still take place in the rain. The only weather that would prevent us from jumping is high winds or electrical storms. If this is the case the activity is non-refundable but your jump will be either re-scheduled or a voucher issued so that you can re-book at your leisure.

  • If the jump is part of a multi-activity package then it is only the jump that would be re-scheduled. The other activities would still take place as planned.

How fast do I fall?

  • The speed of the descent is related to the weight of the participant. A heavier person will fall faster than a lighter person.

How hard will I land?

  • Whilst the POWERFAN is designed to maximise the speed of descent, landings are intended to be as gentle as possible. For an 80kg person landing equates to jumping from a height the thickness of 2 yellow pages! Heavier people will land slightly faster and lighter people slower.

How many people can jump at the same time?

  • Only one person jumps at a time but there may be up to 12 people jumping in a session. Large groups booking private hire also have a maximum limit of 12 people per session.

Is there a viewing gallery/area?

  • As the jump is located outside you can simply exit via the main entrance and look up! The jumpers will be landing onto the decked area at the foot of the wind tunnel.

Can I leave my children and come back later?

  • No. We ask that all under 18's are accompanied by an adult at all times. Adults are not required to participate in the experience, they can simply spectate. Whilst taking part in the activity, the instructors and staff will control the environment; however, there must be a responsible adult on hand.

Can I buy photos of my jump?

  • Not at the moment. Your spectators are welcome to take photos. 

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