Leap for Lulu

On the 19th May we hosted a very special event, 'Leap for Lulu' where people took on the ultimate challenge and jumped 125ft from the top of our wind tunnel.

Brave indivuduals of all ages raised huge amounts of sponsorship money to take part, and along with the other activities held on the day, the grand total came in at an incredible £20,000!

Lulu has a great big smile that lights up the world. She’s happy and full of life. But in January 2018, just months after starting school, she was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma.

She immediately started chemotherapy and surgery, more chemo, stem cell harvest, high dose chemo, radiotherapy and immunotherapy followed.

Her family want Lulu to access treatment in New York - a clinical trial which is showing promise in reducing relapse rates, which near 50%. If that happened to Lulu, her chances of survival would drop to less than 1 in 10. Her parents launched an appeal to raise £162,000 to enable Lulu to go to the USA for the treatment, which has thankfully now been funded.

See how much people have raised so far