Our History & Future

Twinwoods Adventure has been over 60 years in the making. We are humbled by our heritage, proud of our facilties and excited about our future!

Here are some of the site's first construction photos and a video of the wind tunnels original purpose.

The Twinwoods Adventure site was formerly a military research base, with five wind tunnels used to assist the design and testing of the latest aircraft developments.

Some very noteable creations started their lives at our location. Vertical Take off with planes like the Harrier Jump Jet was born in Bedford with the flying Bedstead, Concorde development and blind landing technology all spearheaded at this former Royal Aircraft Establishment site.

We moved onsite in 2005 to open what was the UK's first and World's largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving - Bodyflight was born.

Since then we have added more activities with the aim to firmly put Bedford on the map as a world leader in innovation and excitment in leisure.

We introduced the Flowrider to the UK also and are constantly exploring great new ideas to bring to you.

We are constantly developing our site and activity offerings.

Listed below are some ideas for future attractions that we are currently discussing:


This really is a big one! We will VERY soon have the BEST Chlorine-Free Hydrotherapy Pool. With our pools temperture already sitting at a very comfortable 31 degrees we are now making it more Eco-Friendly for you and the planet.


Escape rooms are a really fun group activity. You are trapped in a puzzle room where you need to use skills and brains to escape the challenge. We are aiming to add two or three unqiuely themed rooms for you to try.


We already have a great kids softplay area, we are considering the addition of some great outdoor facilities.


Are you looking for somewhere 'different' to hold you Christmas Lunch or just looking to reward your staff? Look no further! We will be holding Events Days, so keep an eye on our website for upcoming details.


Due to popular demand we will be adding more Guest rooms.

1940’s - Pilots and engineers were pushing aircraft tolerances to the limit, occasionally experiencing an unusual and very frightening aerodynamic phenomenon called a flat spin, which can render the aeroplane controls virtually useless.

1950’s - The Ministry of Defence agency, DERA (Defence Evaluation & Research Agency) built a 16 and a half foot vertical spinning tunnel in Bedford, to better understand aerodynamic forces including those of a flat spin. 

1970s - The tunnel's pressure characteristics were ideal to meet the need for testing of a different kind. Compressed air was stored and blasted past ejector seats and other test objects. By using compression equipment in the adjoining building, the air would be pressurised to up to four atmospheres, hence the need for large airlock doors as seen in the viewing gallery and the portholes in the entrance platform.

1997- The tunnel was de-militarised and abandoned and the next few years saw both the British Parachute Association and the MOD research upgrading of the tunnel for skydiving use, but to no avail.

2001 - Managing Director Paul Mayer went on holiday to Sebastian in Florida to do an AFF skydiving course. After his level 4 lesson he booked some time at a nearby skydiving wind tunnel to assist with his progression. After a few moments, Paul was hooked and wondered why there was no facility of this kind in the UK.

2005 - A partnership with Bodyflying Zurich and the acquisition, permissions and funding for Bodyflight Bedford. Paul moved on site with a handful of employees and the UK's first, and at the time the World's largest skydiving wind tunnel, was born.

2006 - It was decided that Bodyflight should have other activities to offer the many people staying on site in the accommodation.

2007 - Construction of a luxury hydrotherapy pool and leisure centre. It took over two years to complete this massive project and the leisure centre finally opened in August 2009.

2008 – Bodyflight Vertigo was opened, upping the adrenaline output of this once abandoned site.

2009 - work began on FlowHouse, a venue that combines sport, lifestyle and entertainment bringing surf culture to the heart of the UK.

2010 – FlowHouse opened its doors and the UK’s first indoor surfing facility was born.

2011 – Yet another activity was added to the Bodyflight site in the form of the RaceHouse offering the most advanced race car simulation.

2013 - With the site getting busier it was important to keep pushing the activities. We now offer climbing as a 20min activity to help fill up your day with us.

2014 - In April 2014 the Playhouse opened to the public. This large children’s soft play area also has a restaurant and specialises in children's birthday parties.

2015 - With the centre now offering many activities for all ages, it was decided we would rebrand to "Twinwoods Adventure". We also opened an archery lane and 3 advanced shooting ranges in the summer of 2015.

2016 - We expanded our guestrooms to include our great new breakfast lounge and some new bedrooms too. Our service offering also expanded to include the BodyBeauty Spa. 

2017 - In March 2017, we opened The Salt Cave. a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions.