Playhouse Cafe

Playhouse Cafe is a great place to enjoy a range of healthy meals and treats. There is a range of childrens and adults Menus available.

Sit back and enjoy one of many delicous coffees at Playhouse. We will also make you a tasty hot chocolate which is yummy and can be topped with cream and marshmallows if you are feeling indulgent! 

All our food is prepared fresh. We do have ready made items however when ordering from our menu or specials we suggest the wait is a minimum of 20 minutes and longer at busy periods. 

Thank You for helping us better support people with allergies, by not bringing your own food into Playhouse and by picking up food dropped on the floor. 
We do stock a range of free-from products. Please speak to us if your child has very restrictive dietary requirements or allergies.

With the exception of baby food Jars - You are not allowed to bring your own food onto the premises.

Before entering Playhouse we ask that ALL Parents & Carers agree to the following:

  1. Supervise your own children at ALL times 
  2. Respect our premises , if there is a problem ask for help 
  3. Alert staff if a child has had an accident in any area so we can clear it immediately
  4. Put your Highchairs Back as you found them
  5. Pick up and Dispose of any food you drop on the floor and rubbish in the bins. Ask Staff for help if needed.
  6. DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD OF YOUR OWN ONTO OUR PREMISES, You will be asked to put it away 

These Rules are to help and enable us to keep a safe environment for all to play in please follow our rules. 

When you arrive at Playhouse check in on Facebook and show the staff your check-in and you will receive 30% off your first hot drink. One per person per visit.

Playhouse will provide you with great food, Free Wi-Fi and a range of the latest magazines to browse over, we want to make sure that your visit to the Playhouse is enjoyable and relaxing.

Fancy getting some work done whilst your here, why not sit at one of our pods where plugs are available?

The Playhouse Team have worked very hard to ensure the standards here are high and kept high. Playhouse has to meet stringent health, safety and hygiene regulations and we are inspected regularly.

Bedford Borough Council use a system called Food Hygiene Ratings to rate the quality and cleanliness of an eatery.

  • We are very proud that we were awarded the highest grade, 5 stars, in June 2017. This reflects the hard work, discipline and education of our entire team.

We work very hard to ensure we can offer a substitute meal for anyone with allergies or other dietry requirements. Please discuss your individual requirements with Playhouse.

Ingredient Sheets available on request, Our chiller food has all allergens labelled.

We are always keen to receive your feedback and suggestions for the Cafe.  Please email us anytime to pass your comments unto the Head Cook!