Pro Flyers

Whether you are going through AFF, training with a team, or just want to fly more -  we have an option for you.

Skydivers and proflyers have been at the heart of our business for over ten years.

The best value pricing is available by signing up to a 'Pro-Flyer Account'. You can then view our diary, make bookings and manage your time with us. The more tunnel time you buy, the better the rate you get.

Note - Occasionally during the hours of 1600 - 1900, there is a Government-led directive that requires businesses, such as ours, to significantly reduce our electricity usage to ensure that there is enough capacity within the National Grid for consumers.

We are given very little notice as to when this may occur, and are required to immediately comply with the directive.

During this time, with regret, we will need to temporarily withdraw some of our facilitates. 

If you are booked in to an Adventure during this period, and are likely to be affected, we will move you to a time outside of these hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you.

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10 minutes of Proflyer time in the tunnel.


(Off Peak)


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15 minutes of Proflyer time in the tunnel.


(Off Peak)


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30 minutes of Proflyer time in the tunnel.


(Off Peak)


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As a skydiver/proflyer we created our facilities with you in mind. Bodyflight has been the leading force in indoor skydiving for the last 10 years.

Onsite for your visit you will find :-

  • Kit space and changing facilities
  • Team and coaching briefing and debriefing areas
  • Multi-camera video recording and playback with free downloads to take home
  • Free tunnel rigs for teams or AFF training
  • Free weight belts for you to borrow
  • Free WIFI access
  • Creeper space

Our instructors can provide 'on the net' coaching at any time provided they keep their feet on the ground so they can perform their safety role.

Should you require coaching with flight demo etc we can provide extra staff for you - or you can look out for any of our resident coaches or tunnel camps listed. Check the proflyer diary and tunnel camps

All of our instructors undergo intensive training.

We identified many years ago that with the growth of indoor skydiving there would be a need for industry standard training and processes.

We are proud to have founded which has grown to its position today where many independant wind tunnels use and feedback into these training processes

All of our team are rated tunnel instructors.

Should you want to embark on learning the skills to become an instructor - just speak to one of our team and take a look at the training manuals and videos on the Tunnel Instructor website.

Back in 2006 we thought we would run a small competition as we were a pioneering facility and there were no wind tunnel competitions anywhere in the world. Fast forward to today - the Bodyflight World Challenge has grown into the largest indoor skydiving competition in the world drawing an international field to Bedford each year.

Held at beginning of April, we attract over 100 teams from over 25 countries to the event. 

We host 4 Way Formation and 2 Way Dynamic flying events with an international panel of judges presiding.

If you would like to check out the competition details or register your team for the next challenge...
please visit our world challenge pages

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