Returning Flyer

Our Returning Flyer packages have been designed for those who have flown with us recently at Twinwoods Adventure.

If you have flown with us before, then we can offer you the reduced pricing available here. This is because you don’t require classroom time or a briefing before you fly (although we would still recommend a refresher brief).

Please Note: to qualify as a return flyer, you will need to have made a booking within the last three months. Bookings will be checked and if you haven’t visited us within the valid period, you will be charged an additional fee as a classroom briefing will be necessary. 

Perfect for developing your skills and really learning how to fly, you can choose from packages offering combined airtime of either 2 and a half minutes or 5 minutes.

Indoor skydiving provides an adrenalin rush that’s hard to match. With our Bodyflight wind tunnel at Twinwoods Adventure, you can experience the rush of freefall without having to jump from a plane. 

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Four Flight Return Flyer
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This fantastic offering entitles you to four flights, each lasting 1 minute. Giving you a total of 4 minutes airtime, it’s perfect for really developing your indoor skydiving skills. We’d particularly recommend this package if you’re keen to learn some new skills and build your confidence in the wind tunnel.


(Off Peak)


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Our two-flight package gets you two sessions each lasting 1 – providing a total of 2 minutes of airtime. If you particularly enjoyed your first visit to the Bodyflight wind tunnel, then this is perfect for a follow-up adrenalin rush. 


(Off Peak)


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After your initial flights you will start to understand that small movements make a big difference! You will learn many skills and develop your flying awareness to a level where you can perform many amazing manouvers.

Initial early stage skills are :-

  • Stable flight position - staying on the spot!
  • Rotate left, rotate right (using arms)
  • Fall rate control - moving up and down
  • Rotate left, rotate right (using knees)
  • Side slides left and right
  • Rotation using arms and knees
  • Super transitions - combinations of the above at the same time

For in depth detail on flyng skills and techniques check out our training course material at

Once you have flown for at least ten muinutes, you can start to take advantage of our proflyer rates and services.

Our instructors can assist you with developing your flying skills and after a few hours you may want to consider joining training camps and courses with one of our recommended partner coaches.

We offer Proflyers free video footage that can be downloaded onto your own memory device so that you can debrief and work on your techniques.

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