Virtual Tour

Take an intimate look at where your next adventure begins with Google 360. Visit each floor* and have a peak inside at the excitement that awaits you!

Get a feel for your surroundings by the Flowrider. Walk right up to the door of the flight chamber and get a good look at the propeller. If you dare, why not step out onto the Jump platform where an amazing vista of the Bedfordshire countryside can be admired and you can check out the landing deck 125ft below your feet!

Click on the numbers to the right to take you to the next level of the tour:

  1. Ground floor - Main Reception, Accommodation Lounge, Pool, Gym, Flowrider briefing room and Changing rooms.
  2. 1st floor -  Restaurant, Flowrider, Climbing wall.
  3. 2nd floor - Golf Simulators
  4. 3rd floor - Bodyflight Reception, Flight Chamber, Viewing Gallery, Beginner Briefing Room, Pro Team and Creeper Rooms.
  5. Outdoors - Jump Platform

*Not all floors and activities may be visible on this tour and the levels shown here do not necessarily represent the actual floor on site.