Climbing Vouchers

Climb and slush puppy


Come along and enjoy our climbing wall with four routes to explore and keep you challenged. Time yourself so that you can beat your personal best.

When your feet are firmly back on the ground, enjoy a refreshing Slush Puppy from our Bar and Grill.


Climbing Session


Take on the challenge of ascending our 6 metre climbing wall. Can you beat the fastest time to the top or conquer the most difficult route?

Minimum age is 5 years old.


You are ready to take on our climbing experience if:

  • You are ready to be challenged and to have fun.
  • You are active and participate in sports from time to time and feel physically fit.
  • You are not under any medical supervision and your mobility is not restricted
  • You weigh less than 16.5 stone.
  • You have no alcohol in your blood.

Special caution should be taken if:

  • You suffer from back problems
  • You have Dislocated a shoulder in the past
  • You have a freshly stitched wound.
  • You suffer from osteoporosis or a similar bone illness.
  • You experience heart problems.
  • You are pregnant.
  • If you are unable to fit into one of our harnesses you will be unable to climb.

If you are concerned about any of the above statements, or you need to let a member of staff know something, it is important that you do this before booking. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

  • The Auto belay webbed rope will be attached to your harness and then you start to climb!
  • From this point you will be always be attached to a safety line until you land.
  • You can climb one of our many routes. Use all of the colours for the easiest climbing experience or really challenge yourself by sticking to a single colour on one of our graded climbs.
  • We have installed two timing clocks meaning you can set a time on a route and then challenge your friends to beat it.
  • The TRUBLU Auto Belay device uses a retraction spring which winds the webbing into the device. 
  • When force pulls the webbing out of the device, aluminum rotor arms are sent spinning into a magnetic field. This creates the eddy currents. These currents control the braking force and, thus, the speed at which the spinning occurs. This, in turn, controls the speed at which the webbing comes out.
  • The eddy current braking system is self-regulating. This means the braking resistance automatically adjusts itself to provide consistent braking across a wide range of participant weights.
  • It has no motor of any description!
  • Because the braking system is self-regulating, the device can accommodate a wide range of weights. Children and adults will have a consistent experience.
  • Whether ascending, or jumping and descending, the experience is smooth and comfortable.
  • It is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Each session lasts 20 minutes on the wall but please allow 30 minutes for the whole experience.

How long before my session do I need to arrive?

  • You need to arrive on site 15 minutes before your session to check in, view a safety briefing and get changed. Failure to do so may result in you missing your session.

What is the minimum age that you have to be to climb?

  • The minimum age for climbing is 5 years old. We will not force anyone to take part in the activity but we will do everything we can to ensure all participants feel confident and at ease.

Is there a maximum weight for taking part in a climbing session?

  • All participants must weigh less than 16.5 stone and be able to fit into one of our harnesses.

What equipment do I need?

  • Twinwoods supplies the harness and climbing equipment required for your activity.

What do I need to wear?

  • You will just need to wear flexible and comfortable clothing. You will also need to wear trainers or sturdy, closed toe shoes.
  • We have a small selection of climbing shoes for hire at a small charge. This can be arranged on the day and does not need to be pre-booked.

What if I don't like heights?

  • Unfortunately climbs are non-refundable. Our climbing wall is 6m tall and includes lots of easy routes as well as more difficult ones. You do not need to be able to climb to the top to enjoy this experience.

What happens if I fall off?

  • You will be wearing a safety harness and you are attached to a TRUBLU Auto Belay which will break your fall immediately and gently lower you to the ground.

  • Our experienced instructors will also be there to guide you as you slowly abseil down the wall.

    How fast will I fall?

    • The descent rate of the TRUBLUE auto belay is approximately 6 ft/second (1.8 m/s). The descent is smooth with minimal variation regardless of climber weight.

    How many people can climb at the same time?

    • Only 4 people will be climbing the wall at a time during a standard 20minute session. Large groups booking private hire can take turns throughout the session with a maximum of 12 people in 1 hour.

    How many routes are there?

    • There are 7 panels of climbing with at least 4 main routes on each. This gives you at least 28 routes to be challenged by and conquer.

    Are the routes graded?

    • Yes all the routes are graded. We currently have everything from 4a (very easy) throught to 7c (for the experienced climber) If there is not a route for you then our instructors can always suggest a way of making something easier or harder.

    Is there a viewing gallery/area?

    • Yes. The climbing wall is situated indoors at the heart of the site and overlooks the restaurant seating area so you can grab a bite to eat or coffee whilst you watch the sessions.

    Can I leave my children and come back later?

    • No. We ask that all under 18's are accompanied by an adult at all times. Adults are not required to participate in the experience with the under 18, they can simply spectate. Instructors and staff will control the environment; however, there must be a responsible adult on hand.

    Can I buy photos of my climb?

    • No, but your spectators are welcome to take photos and, whilst we cannot guarantee against any loss or damage, you are welcome to use your own action/helmet camera so long as you have all of the necessary attachments to make it hands free.

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