Indoor Skydiving Vouchers

At our indoor skydiving centre, you can experience the rush of freefall in an entirely contained environment. Designed for professionals and amateurs alike, our innovative wind tunnel generates wind speeds of up to 180mph the use of a large propeller.

For those seeking an adrenalin-filled day out, this is the perfect activity. To cater for interest, we offer a superb range of indoor skydiving vouchers. Perfect as a gift idea for a friend or family member, these vouchers offer superb value for money. Buy Yours Today!

2 Flights for One


The perfect experience to get a taste of flying!

This voucher entitles you to two one minute flights for one person.

It provides the equivalent of three tandem skydives – which is like jumping from a Boeing 747 cruising at 40,000 feet.


4 Flight Experience


Our best gift experience at an incredible price!

This voucher for one person entitles you to 4 flights in the wind tunnel.

That's the same amount of freefall as jumping from the stratosphere, so you can really get to grips with flying!


Fly With A Friend


Bring a friend for an experience they won't forget! This voucher entitles you to 1 solo fight each and 2 flights together (a total of 4 flights).* 

*Paired flyers must be no more than 13Kg (2 stone) difference in weight and no more than 30cm (12 inches) difference in height. If you are too different to fly on the same wind speed then you will be given two solo flights each in total instead.



You are ready experience indoor skydiving if:

  • You have always dreamt of flying and are ready to have fun!
  • You are active, or participate in sports, from time to time, and feel physically fit.
  • You aren't under medical supervision and your ability to move isn't restricted.
  • You aren't under the influence of alcohol.

Special caution should be taken with:

  • Back problems/disc problems
  • Discloated shoulder injuries
  • Freshly-stitched wounds
  • Osteoporosis or similar bone illnesses
  • Heart problems
  • Pregnancy (including the first few months)
  • If you weigh over 105kg (16.5 stone) then you may have a slightly different experience to other flyers.
  • Participants will only be able to fly together* subject to weight allowance and ability.

    *Paired flyers must be no more than 13Kg (2 stone) different in weight and no more than 30cm (12 inches) different in height. Participants flying together is at the instructor's discretion and cannot be guaranteed. If you are unable to fly in pairs then each person will receive solo flight(s). The flight duration will remain as orinally booked and will be split between the two participants.

If you are concerned about any of the above statements, or need to let a member of staff know something, it is important that you do this before booking. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

  • Bodyflight is a recirculation wind tunnel.
  • Air is drawn up though the central flight chamber by the massive propeller at the top.
  • The air passes the propeller and continues into the ‘Air returns’; these are the hollow walls surrounding the flight chamber.
  • The air travels all the way down to the base of the tunnel where it is directed back upwards again into the flight chamber.
  • The wind speeds in the central part of the chamber are strong enough (up to 180mph) to support your whole body so this is where you'll be flying.
  • At a diameter of 5m (16.4ft) and a flight area of 8m (26.25ft) high, our tunnel offers flyers real space to manoeuvre!
  • Producing up to 4000 HP of airflow, our size, power and air quality is unrivalled. All types of flyers are welcome to develop and improve their skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or a world champion.
  • Originally one of 5 wind tunnels built on-site by the RAE (Royal Aircraft Establishment) in the 1950s to test the extreme limits of planes in flight.
  • The Bodyflight wind tunnel was repurposed and converted in 2005 into the incredible facility you see today.

What happens on the day?

On arrival at Bodyflight, you’ll be greeted by staff and checked in. You’ll attend a short briefing and instruction class on skydiving techniques to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Then it’s time to get kitted out in your flight gear which includes a flight suit, helmet, earplugs and goggles, which will be provided.

You and the rest of your group will enter the tunnel area for your skydiving experience. How many flights you experience will depend on the package you booked.

After everyone has flown with the instructor it's back to the desk to return your kit and you will be given the option to purchase your photos and video footage (if available).

You shoull allow 2 hours for the whole experience.

NB: Participants will only be able to fly together subject to weight allowance and similar ability. Please see 'Are you fit to fly'.

How long before my session do I need to arrive?

  • Customers need to arrive 60 minutes before their session for check in, safety briefings and changing. Failure to do so may result in missing your session.

What is the minimum age that you have to be to fly?

  • There is no set minimum age, but we recommend participants are at least 5 years old. We will not force anyone to take part in the activity, but we will do everything we can to ensure all participants feel confident and at ease.

Is there a maximum weight for taking part in a flying experience?

  • There is no official maximum weight, but it is worth noting that participants over 19.5 stone may have a different experience when flying.

Is there a maximum size for taking part in a flying experience?

  • All we ask is that you fit into one of our specially designed flight suits. We have a range of sizes from children's small to adult 3XL.

What equipment do we need?

  • One layer of comfortable clothing is recommended. Shirts without collars are advisable, as are lace-up trainers.

Is there a viewing gallery/area?

  • Yes the tunnel has its own viewing gallery where you can see through large windows into the flight chamber. There's no charge for those who don't participate and you may take a seat in the reception area where we stream live video footage from inside the tunnel.

Can I leave my children and come back later?

  • No. We ask that all under 18s are accompanied by an adult at all times. Adults are not required to participate in the experience with under 18s. Whilst taking part in the activity, the instructors and staff will control the environment, but there must be a responsible adult on hand.

Can I buy photos of my flights?

  • Whilst we cannot guarantee that photos and will be available for every session they are usually available to purchase on the day.
  • You can buy photos on the day of your experience from only £8. Just ask a member of staff after your flight. Alternatively, digital copies can be purchased online for up to 30 days after your session. However, they will be deleted after 30 days and cannot be recovered.
  • You can also purchase a USB stick with your group's video footage on the day for only £12.

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