World Challenge 2016

Bodyflight World Challenge 2016 - Last year we celebrated 10 years of the event in style but now we welcome you all to a brand new decade of tunnel competition!

Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd April 2016 With over 105 teams entering each comeptition for the last 2 years running, including over 47 in AAA, the Bodyflight World Challenge remains the largest meet on the international skydiving calender for both Formation Skydiving and Free Fly.

NB: We received alot of positive feedback on last years format change, which successfully allowed us room to grow and meant teams did not have too much waiting around in between rounds. However we have decided to draw up a brand new battle plan (which turns out is very similar to the original one!). This means that the competition rounds will run sequentially, as they have in previous years, and we will not be splitting up the categories.

Please join us in 2016! To check out the 2015 data... visit

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Closed for Entries

The competition dates are Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd of April 2016.

Practice rounds will take place from 17:00 on Thursday the 31st of March and will be allocated upon check in.

Please click here to be taken to your official Online Competitors Information Page. Here you will find competitor specific info,rules, judges biographies, exhibitors, the schedule, accommodation links and special updates and offers. This will be continually updated on the lead up to the challenge and will remain in place over the competition days.

The categories we have in 4-way Formation skydiving are:

AAA - Open

AAA – Female




The AAA Open and AAA Female categories will be using the same draw and so unfortunately team members can only enter both competiitons as guest teams and will not be eligable for any prizes.

The rules for the 2016 competition will be soon become available here.

This year will see us again push forward with this exciting developing new sport.

Registering for our 2-Way Dynamic event will give you entry into two distinct prize winning competitions.

  • Round 1 - Speed Qualifier Round.

This round establishes your team place in the head-to-head competition grid. Following speed rounds are flown with you competing for fastest time against other teams

  • Speed Rounds

You will fly two speed draws back to back - flying against another team doing the same. The fastest team will progress in the table. (Fastest combined time progress)

(In event of a draw -  a  decider flight will be flown)

(£2000 cash team prize to winning final team!)

The draw and flight information can be found online here:

  • Bonus round - Artistics... Free Round

During this round you can present an artistic routine - to music if you prefer or not, to demonstrate your creativity and skills. This round is judged in isolation. All teams will be ranked in this round in winning order with Artisic Medals awarded purely for this round and a £2000 first team placed prize!*

*Your team placement in the artistic round will not affect your speed ranking and will be clasified as a seperate category. This means that by competing in both you are in with a chance of winning the total prize pot of £4000!

Thursday 31st March

11:00 Registration Opens

18:00 Practise Rounds Start

Friday 1st April

08:00 - welcome briefing

09:00 - Dynamic Qualifying

09:15 - AAA Womens 4-way Round 1

09:20 - AAA Open 4-way Round 1

10:00 - AA 4-way Round 1

10:20 - A 4-way Round 1

10:40 - Rookie 4-way Round 1

Each subsequent round then runs in this order and takes approximately 1 hour 45 mins.

10:45 - Dynamic Heat 1

11:00 - 4-way Round 2

12:30 - Dynamic Heat 2

12:45 - 4-way Round 3

14:15 - Dynamic Heat 3

14:30 - 4-way Round 4

16:00 - Dynamic Heat 4

16:15 - 4-way Round 5

17:45 - Artistic round

18:00 - Close of Day 1.

Saturday 2nd April

09:00 - Dynamic Heat 5

09:15 - 4-way Round 6

10:45 - Dynamic Heat 6

11:00 - 4-way Round 7

12:30 - Dynamic Heat 7

12:45 - 4-way Round 8

14:15 - Dynamic Heat 8

14:30 - 4-way Round 9

16:00 - Dynamic Heat 9

16:15 - 4-way Round 10

17:45 - Close of flying

19:00 Approximate prize giving start time.

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